How to grow your own urban garden

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

First of all our advice would be to pick plants you avtually like. You are much more likely to look after plants you are actually interested in. It may also be worthwhile taking into consideration how much care and effort the particular plant takes to grow. There are occasions when you just don't have the lifestyle that would align with you having your dream plants

The best part of growing your own plants means that you get to. Watch something grow with the life force thst you are putting into there anything more magical? Better yet each of these plants are providing vital oxygen for your lungs and filtering the air that you breath. The health benefits don't stop there however. consuming living food is known to be rich in vitamins and nutrients. There are also plants, such as the Calendula plant, with health benefits and restorative medicinal qualities that cannot be found elsewhere.

When growing plants indoors or outside of the sleeping areas it is important to pick plants that produce oxygen at night such as; Lavendar which is also good for sleeping as it releases a sleepy aroma, peace lillies which spiritually signify purity and balance. Lastly Neem which is a really great repellent for mosquitoes also produces oxygen at night.

All of the plants listed above have the ability to remove toxins such as formaldehyde, tricholroethylene and mould spores. Now with that being said I'm off to go get some more plants. See you soon! 🧿🕯️🍯🐞🌻🌟🌱☀️🙏

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